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Lunar Sadhana Healing Concert

Lunar Sadhana Healing Concert At the historical and spiritual space of SAF, during the full moon of August, a unique midnight Lunar Sadhana will immerse us in a Sound Healing Circle with emerging sounds, frequencies and celestial harmonies. The sounds of Hang Pan, Tibetan singing bowls, vocal ragas and the Cosmic Sound of Sun Gong will align our souls and bodies to the cosmic pulse and create an individual musical space. This key concert will unlock the gates to Sadhana and connect us with our own infinite elements of essence in a form of a meaningful personal experience. “Whoever wants to enjoy the concert lying down is welcome to bring a mat or fitness pad.” Hang Pan: Menelaos Tzafetas Sun Gong, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Vocals, Bendir: Laoura Gini Tickets: 15€,12€

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